Our Team

It might appear that we – Nok and Srini – met by chance. But then we wonder if anything ever happens in this creation, by chance.

Nok had always lived a small town life, and you can see that in her simplicity and mindfulness. Srini had had enough of the corporate rat race and the fast paced city life. Both of us were craving for a simple life and getting back in tune with nature. This, and our love for glorious sunsets, brought us to Koh Phangan. And as destiny would have it, one thing led to another, and the events unfolded at a pace that both confounded and intrigued us. Yet, we went with the flow and with the faith that everything was happening for a reason. Cafe 2401 was conceived in October 2016. And it finally took shape in the coming weeks and months. We are constantly evolving, and improvising along the way – some on a large scale, and some a lot more subtle. Cafe 2401 and Guesthouse, is our dream. And we are blessed that we are living our dream every single day of our lives.

Srini has travelled half the world, all over Asia, trekked extensively in the Himalayas; trekked and camped on the summits of volcanoes in Indonesia; drove through the Outback to the heart of the Australian continent; photographed the Northern lights, waterfalls and seascapes in Iceland; drove a 4WD for 18 days and slept on its rooftop tent, in Namibia on a solo, self driving, camping trip. He has one a many story to share of his adventures. His passion for landscape photography is evident from the various photobooks and picture postcards, on display at Cafe 2401. He is equally passionate about cooking, and started learning cooking at a very young age from his mother. Almost all the Indian recipes at Cafe 2401 have been created by him. He is the head of our family, and looks after the planning, logistics and operations of Cafe 2401 and Guesthouse. Being a hardcore traveller himself, he knows the needs of travellers.

Nok is the heart of of our family. Her delicate and caring touch can be felt in the way our guests are treated, the way our food is prepared and tables laid out and the way every single detail in the rooms of our guesthouse has been looked into. She knows Koh Phangan well. If you want to know anything about Koh Phangan, please make sure that you consult her. Even if she doesn’t know something, she will know someone who knows what you would be looking for.